Frequently Asked Questions

Is L.I.N.K. affiliated with any particular Christian denomination?

L.I.N.K. is a Protestant organization founded on Jesus Christ but is not affiliated with any one denomination. Click on the Statement of Faith in the main menu to learn what we believe.

How much does L.I.N.K. cost?

As a cooperative support group (everyone works together to make it possible) we're also very cost friendly. L.I.N.K. membership is only $25 per year. Field trips and special events are often free or involve only a small fee. Occasionally we offer a grander field trip with a grander cost, but, as always, families pick and choose which events to participate in.

Each family participating in Thursday School also pays $20 per semester church-use fee. We know about homeschool budgets all too well, so many of the fees charged for Thursday School classes are quite small. Each of our elementary classes average around $10 per semester. Middle and high school classes average $17 per semester. When we pay an expert to come in and teach a class, fees may be more; but again, you choose which classes and events in which to participate.

What is the process of becoming a member of L.I.N.K.?

The first step of becoming a member of L.I.N.K. is to complete the Membership Application found on the Document & Forms page. Both parents must review and sign the Statement of Faith, the Agreement and Waiver, and the Participant Profile Form (a.k.a., background check). The References section should be completed in full with a reference who can speak to your church involvement and Christian walk, as well as two personal references. References should not be related to the applicant.

Completed Membership Applications may be submitted via email attachment to Please note that applications submitted electronically will not be processed until the required fee has been received via mail or Square (

Alternatively, the Membership Application and fee can be submitted to: L.I.N.K. Registrar, P.O. Box 144, Lowell, MI 49331.

Upon receipt, your application will be assigned to a L.I.N.K. Board Member for processing. You will receive an email confirmation, followed by an introductory phone call. In an effort to get a better understanding of applicant families and their beliefs as pertaining to the L.I.N.K. Statement of Faith, we do contact all references. As a cooperative organization where parents are also Thursday School teachers, we have found that in doing this we may avoid areas of potential conflict during morning devotions, Thursday School classes, and prayers.

Note: You may submit Thursday School Registration Forms with your Membership Application, however they will not be processed until membership has been approved.

Can we still be members of L.I.N.K. if we don’t attend Thursday School?

Absolutely! L.I.N.K. offers a wide variety of field trips and special events, in addition to Thursday School. Special events vary, but often include regular Moms Night Outs, TeenLINK activities, holiday parties, science and history fairs (alternating years), semi-annual student Presentation Nights, and an annual Track & Field Day. We try to coordinate field trips that include some "just for fun" and others more academic in nature. You are encouraged to participate in whichever of our activities that appeal to you.

What additional responsibilities would I have as a member of L.I.N.K.?

L.I.N.K. is a cooperative support group. Have you noticed the reoccurring theme here? We are only as strong a group as the effort we invest!

Each L.I.N.K. member is required to coordinate or co-coordinate one activity each school year. That could be as simple as planning a park day for fellowship time (Just choose a park, day, and time... that's it!) or organizing a Moms Night Out (Maybe late-night appetizers at a local restaurant?) or getting with another L.I.N.K. member to plan a holiday party or another event.

If participating in Thursday School, someone from each family, whether it be a mom, dad, grandparent, young adult, or family friend with a specialty, is expected to teach or assist during two of the three class hours. New members of L.I.N.K. are not expected to teach but would be assigned as a classroom helper or nursery worker. In future semesters, new members are often teamed with our more "seasoned" co-op teachers to help ease the transition. Members who hold leadership positions are not required to teach, but they often do.

Please review our complete membership requirements as found in the L.I.N.K. General Information packet found on the Documents & Forms page.

What do the parents do while their kids are taking Thursday School Classes?

As a cooperative homeschool group, an adult from each family is expected to teach, co-teach, or assist in two classes each semester. Often, you and a partner would be teaching almost the same material to two different age groups. For example, Esther and Wendy might be teaching science to both the 6-9 and 9-12-year-old age groups, making age-appropriate adjustments to content and expectations. Our teachers are often moms, but we've also been blessed to have dads, grandparents, and young adult children also teach.

In addition to teaching, each adult generally has one "free" class hour to get to know the other parents, work on their own lesson plans, etc.

Note: Parents are required to remain onsite at Alton Bible Church during all three class hours.

What is available for babies and toddlers at Thursday School?

Alton Bible Church provides us with a well-equipped nursery and we provide the nurturing! Thursday School also offers a preschool program for little ones ages 3 to 4. Concerned that your little one might be apprehensive about the nursery? You might consider assisting in the nursery during your first semester with us.

What if I feel my child should be placed in a Thursday School class other than their actual age group?

We understand that each child has different needs. We believe that as the homeschool parent you know what is best for your child. The age groups listed on our Thursday School schedules are a recommendation. You may seek Board approval to place your child in another age group, whether for all three hours or only for a single class.

What about special needs kids at Thursday School?

We have our fair share of kids that God created with a special plan and purpose, and each is loved for who they are! We do our best to love and plug-in each individual according to his or her unique gifts and abilities. The facilities we use at Alton Bible Church are handicap accessible except for a few classrooms upstairs. If needed, individual student buddies may be available for support and assistance.

Can I visit Thursday School to observe?

Please do! We’d love to have you. Our fall semester classes run September-November, and winter classes from January-March. Please email us at to set-up a good time for both your family and L.I.N.K.

When does Thursday School close?

  • If Lowell Public Schools are closed due to bad weather/road conditions, Thursday School will be closed.

  • If Lowell Public Schools are delayed or closed for any reason other than weather/road conditions, L.I.N.K. will not be delayed or closed.

  • If Lowell Public Schools remain open, our Board may still deem it in the best interest of our members to close during hazardous conditions. That decision will be made as-needed.

  • Notifications will be made via text alert, email, and Facebook if Thursday School is canceled.

  • Thursday School may be canceled if Alton Bible Church has a funeral.