Our Purpose

Lowell Interactive Network for Kids (L.I.N.K.) is a support group and enrichment class opportunity based in Lowell, MichiganMembers of L.I.N.K. create a network of exclusively Protestant Christian families who have chosen to educate their children at home.  Our purpose is to provide information and encouragement to area homeschool families and provide educational, social, and cultural opportunities to member families.

L.I.N.K. Membership

L.I.N.K. offers a wide variety of field trips and special events, in addition to our Thursday classes.  Special events vary but include regular Mom's Night Outs, TeenLINK activities, holiday parties, science and history fairs (alternating years), semi-annual student Presentation Nights, and an annual Track & Field Day.  We try to coordinate regular field trips that include some "just for fun" and others more academic in nature.   All activities of this group are planned and carried out in a manner fitting Christian principles. 

As a cooperative organization, membership in L.I.N.K. requires that at least one legal parent or guardian must participate.  Children participating in L.I.N.K. activities must be homeschooled. 

Families must help to coordinate at least one special event each year.  (Some volunteer functions may fulfill the special event obligation.)  You are encouraged to participate in as many, or as few, of our activities that appeal to you. 

To participate in L.I.N.K. activities you will need to submit our Membership Application which includes a Statement of Faith signed by both parents, as well as the $25 membership fee.  Please review our complete membership requirements as found in the L.I.N.K. General Information packet found on the Forms page.  

L.I.N.K. Thursdays

In addition to our general membership option, L.I.N.K. offers two 10-week semesters of cooperative academic and enrichment classes on Thursday mornings.  Classes vary from semester to semester.  Participation on Thursdays is optional. 

We are all about learning, enhancing our individual homeschool programs, networking with other parents, and giving our kids unique experiences that a larger group affords.

L.I.N.K. Thursdays are held at Alton Bible Church on the corner of Lincoln Lake and 3 Mile in Lowell, Michigan, but we have served families from as far away as Clarksville, Greenville, and even Middleville.

Effective 10/20/2021:  

At this time, for any new members applying to join L.I.N.K. with the intent to participate in L.I.N.K. Thursdays, it is required that the oldest child in the family be at least 5 years old by August 31 of the application year. Families whose oldest child is younger than 5 are always welcome to apply for general membership which gives access to field trips, parties, parent events, field day, and more.  

New to Homeschooling?

We would consider it an honor to help get you started!  Just send an email to main@linkhomeschool.org for more information.