L.I.N.K. Membership

L.I.N.K. offers a wide variety of field trips and special events, in addition to our Thursday School co-op classes! Special events vary, but often include monthly moms night out activities, TeenLINK events, holiday parties, community service projects, science and history fairs... event an annual track and field day! We try to coordinate regular field trips that include some "just for fun" and others more academic in nature. To participate in L.I.N.K. field trips and special events you only need to meet general membership requirements.

We are blessed by each of our L.I.N.K. member families. Each brings their own unique personalities, gifts, and abilities.
  • To obtain and maintain membership in L.I.N.K., families are required to apply using the forms posted on this website and be in agreement with our Statement of Faith, which is also posted on this website. A background check is required of all participating adults as well. Membership is subject to board approval after references have been called. The L.I.N.K. board retains the right to revoke the membership of any family.

  • The $25 annual membership fee is due at the time of Member Application. If you are applying after January 1st, the membership fee is prorated to $15. If you are applying after June 1st, the $25 membership fee will cover the remainder of the current year and the full following year (September 1st - August 31st) if your application is accepted.
  • Membership fees and tuition must be kept current - A minimum of $25 is due at the time of Thursday School registration. The remaining balance is due by the first day of class.

  • Membership in L.I.N.K. requires the participation of at least one legal parent. The children participating must also be homeschooled.

  • L.I.N.K. is a cooperative support group. Families must fulfill their contribution obligations including to help coordinate at least one special event, and the request to plan or co-plan one field trip each year. (Some volunteer functions may fulfill the special event obligation.)
  • If participating in Thursday School, each family must help with teaching/assisting and clean-up. A parent must remain onsite at Alton Bible Church during all three class hours.

  • Note: Thursday School membership will not exceed 160 (adults and children).

  • The Annual Meeting which is held in May of each year must be attended by at least one adult family member.

Please review L.I.N.K.'s complete Membership Requirements and Responsibilities,
General Policies, Code of Conduct, and Disciplinary Policy by clicking here.


Visit the Printable Files page and click on the 2020-2021 L.I.N.K. Membership Application.

Questions? Contact us at (616) 303-1559 or main@linkhomeschool.org